400 To 1,000 Baht Fine For Texting While Driving


Bangkok traffic police are serious about their cause to fine motorists using mobile phones while driving. Why not? Texting while driving is dangerous and it could endanger the lives of other motorists, passersby, or even the driver itself and all the passengers in the car.

Armed with DSLR cameras equipped with quite long lens, the traffic police caught and fined 38 people reading or typing messages on their phones yesterday. They were spotted at eight major intersections in the metropolitan Bangkok during the morning hours.

“There were no problems or arguments between officers and offenders because the motorists were photographed while breaching traffic law and police approached them in a polite manner,” Pol Maj Gen Adul said. “All admitted to their offences and each faced a minimum fine of 400 baht.” 

Photo by Somchai Poomlard  

According to Adul, the move improved the flow of traffic with commuters spending about 20-30 minutes less on the road.

But using mobile phones while driving isn’t the only thing the police are targeting. You could also be fined if you stop beyond crossing lines, drive in the wrong direction, overtake other vehicles in prohibited areas, block intersection and use fake license plates.

This is happening in Bangkok for now. But it could be implemented nationwide in the coming days or weeks. Perhaps tomorrow. LoL.
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