Tsunami survivors from the UK found the Thai couple who helped them 10 years ago


In less than 24 hours after posting a message on Facebook looking for Yupin and Pichet, Emily and Ben Willgrass who were caught up in the Asian Tsunami in Phuket received an information that the two people they were looking for were found; the very same people who took care of them ten years ago.

From Emily’s Facebook page:
Our names are Emily and Ben Willgrass and nearly 10 years ago on 26th December 2004 our family’s life was changed forever when we were caught up in the Asian Tsunami in Phuket. On our journey to find high ground a Thai couple took us in and looked after us whilst our Dad went in search for our Mum who was missing. Tragically her body was found later that day.
During the worst moment of our lives Upin and Pitchat were there for us and our family and we are trying to find them now. They let us stay with them until we could leave Phuket the following day, and as Phuket Airport was closed, drove us over 870km to Bangkok so we could fly back to England. Words cannot explain how thankful we are for the help and support they gave us, and the kindness they showed at a time when it was needed most will never be forgotten.
We have not seen Upin and Pitchat since this day. We are coming to Phuket in a week (20th July) and are trying to find them now in the hope that we can meet them again and thank them for everything they did for us and our family.
• Can you help us?
• Do you recognise Upin & Pitchat?

• Do you know where they are?

• We last saw them on high ground on Thawewong Road somewhere between Patong Beach and Paradise Beach.

• We think Upin and Pitchat are their nicknames.

• Please tell them we are looking for them.
• Please share this with your friends and family.

Please share this in the hope that either Upin and Pitchat or someone who knows them will see this and let us know where they are.
If anyone has any information please Contact U.S. at Findupinandpitchat@hotmail.com, Tweet.  europe # Findupinandpitchat ‬  or Find U.S. on Facebook (Emily Willgrass). Thank you.xx

One of Pichet’s relatives saw the post from the internet and decided to contact Khao Sod newspaper, which immediately ran a story online.

Sadly Yupin and Pichet are no longer together. Yupin is still in Phuket while Pichet is back in his native Phattalung. 

Both parties are so Excited!

This is A very touching Story. Words can not articulate.
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