Meeting the “Banana Society”


A few weeks ago a colleague of mine phoned me. She asked me if I can do a class to her friend’s friend in Bang Krathum district. The personal profiles of my soon to be students and the place where I will be teaching weren’t clear. Are they gonna come to my house or I’m the one who is going to meet them in their place?

Everything became crystal clear when I got the call from the company rep. She made a little introduction about the students that I’ll be having; 2 company employees, the son of the owner, as well as the owner’s niece currently studying in a nursing school. I was expecting a large class mainly of employees, but having a small class will be just as good, right? She also told me I’ll be seeing them first in Bang Krathum, and we can decide in the future as to where the next class will be.

Anyway, I taught them greetings and introductions for the first half of the lesson, then proceeded to put what we learned into practice by means of a role-play. After the class, they introduced a little of the company and as to why they would like to learn English.

I learned that “Banana Society” is running successfully for 5 years now. Before it was handed over to the father of one of the students, it was once managed by their grandmother for more than 20 years under a different name. They have about 3 banana plantations, and a factory which employs 30 people. 

This is what’s left of the six boxes in just a couple of minutes

“We are starting to export to different countries mainly the US and Canada”, the company rep told me. “We are in the process of expanding to Japan, China and the rest of the Asian market”, she added. In short, they want to improve their language ability and “burn” the language barrier because from time to time, people from other countries visit them.

And before I went back, they handed me six different flavors of their product. Their bananas are solar dried coated with different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to name a few. My family had a taste of it and they liked it. A Thai friend mentioned to me that dried bananas of Banana Society are indeed export quality. 

For those who would like to try their products, you may visit their website: It’s written in Thai, but it’s worth a try. LoL.
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