Long Weekend, Here We Come!!!


While some teachers feel contented working from Monday to Friday others make use of their weekend to earn extra, especially if making both ends meet is quite a challenge in their respective full-time jobs. It sounds like, “more time, more money” kinda thing.

Long weekend is coming

But admit or not, all of us are into occasional long weekends. We wish to take longer rests or travel somewhere and escape the noise and rowdy living things in the classrooms sometimes. This month we will have our long weekend which will kick off on Friday next week July 11 until Monday, July 14.

More time to rejoice

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) added August 11 to the list of public holidays this year. Since tourism in the Kingdom dropped drastically, this move will create an extra long weekend to boost the tourism sector.

The additional day makes for a four-day-long weekend from Aug 9 to 12. 

Aug 9 and 10 fall on Saturday and Sunday and Aug 12 is the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, a national holiday.

So, where are you heading?

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