Hua Hin Immigration clarifies rules on foreigners carrying ID


The meeting in Hua Hin yesterday regarding  the requirement for foreigners in Thailand to carry ID with them at all times was unclear. What IDs should foreigners really have to carry? Is Thai Teacher’s license good to go? These are the questions some of my friends asked me.

In order to seek further clarification about this, has today met with Pol.Col. Thanasak Vongluekiat, Superintendent of Prachuap Khirikhan and Phetchaburi Immigration.

Pol.Col. Thanasak Vongluekiat confirmed the following:

1. By law, all tourists and expats nationwide are required to carry their original passports with them at all times. There is no exception to this. Failure to carry your original passport may result in a 2,000 THB fine. The reason behind this is that Immigration needs to keep track of overstayers and foreign criminals who may be staying illegally in the country.

2. The information provided at an Immigration meeting yesterday was unclear. The correct information, which has always been the case, is that no other forms of identification are acceptable. This includes any other form of photo ID, such as a Thai/foreign driving license or a photocopy of your passport.

3. Immigration does not provide any kind of ‘stamp’ verification on a photocopy of a passport as announced at the meeting yesterday. Therefore, you are required to keep your original passport with you at all times as per point #1 above.
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