Gab Valenciano and the all-male dance group The Manoeuvres partying with MC Hammer’s 2 legit 2 quit


Gab Valenciano, the son of Philippines’ Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, is making waves continuously with his selfie videos not just locally but even internationally. I remember a few months back, Gab was featured in different websites and was invited in some TV shows. He received commendations as well as his father about their amazing moves on the dance floor.

Gab auditioned on America’s Got talent and actually made it but ditched the popular reality show because the 30-second fame cannot guarantee or reassure that he’ll make it big. Therefore, he opted for his passion and used it to make a living. He’s now into both music and video productions in the States. 

I wish to see him on AGT but it’s obvious it isn’t his cup of tea. Anyway, here’s Gab and the all-male dance group The Manoeuvres latest Youtube video partying with MC Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit”.

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