Filipino father reunites with his daughter after 29 years


I first saw on Facebook the story of Christina DaRonco-Cristobal, a Filipino-American who was looking for her father. Someone posted a recorded video interview of dzMM host Julius Babao with Christina via Skype on April 9,2014, with the latter asking for everyone’s help to locate her long-lost father.

According to Christina, her father was a seafarer who met her mother (Patricia) in Houston in 1985. But because his contract ended, his father was forced to go back to the Philippines, leaving the 5-month-old Christina and her mother a promise.

After so many years, Christina, now married to a Filipino, didn’t lose hope in finding her father. And because of the video, her father’s classmate based in Canada who knew his father’s predicament sent a message to Mr. Vito (father), telling him about the video of Christina. Mr. Vito immediately contacted Christina via email, and the rest is history.

Christina with her daughter: Photo grabbed from her Facebook Account

Here are some of the excerpts from Mr. Vito during the interview:

“I met her mom in Houston, Texas. When Christina was 5 months old, I had to leave for the Philippines because my contract was expiring, promising her mom that I’m coming back,” he said.

“After I went to the Philippines, it took me a year before I could come back to Houston again and they were nowhere to be found. Her mom sent me a picture of Christina when she was one… That was the last time my information from her materialized.”

“I was in Miami since 1997. Even my children were looking for her on Facebook. But the problem is we used different names that’s the reason we cannot find each other.” 

“Ang nanay niya, ang ginamit na apelyido ay ‘yung sa napangasawa na niya. Eh ang hinahanap ko ‘yung Patricia DaRonco.”

Mr. Vito:  Photo grabbed from his Facebook Account
Here are some from Christina’s during the first interview she had with dzMM: 

“I don’t know what he looks like but she (Patricia-mother) described him to me as tall and very handsome”.

 “I wanted to find you because I would like to meet you. I’d like to know my family, like where they come from… And, if you ever want to be a part of my life, I would welcome you to my life.”

And after seeing each other for the first time:

“He wished that he could turn back time. But of course he couldn’t do that. But he was happy we found each other and he said he wants to make up for not being in my life for the last 29 years. He wants to be part of my life.”

Christina, meanwhile, thanked everyone who helped them in their search: 

“I’m very happy and I’m very thankful for the help we received—we both are. We know that without the help it would be impossible and we are happy.”

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