Lamborghini splits in two, driver unharmed


A miraculous escape happened to a businessman whose car was split into two after it careered off the slippery highway between kilometer markers 19 and 20 in Bangrakam, a district of Phitsanulok.

The driver of the jet-black Lamborghini was identified as Mr. Pitak Riangsima, a 40-year-old businessman who owns US based networking marketing company, Unicity.

A paramedic who later arrived at the scene saw Mr. Pitak standing by the road, talking on the phone with his insurance representative. He suffered only minor injuries.

He said he was pushing the Lamborghini at about 150km per hour in heavy rain when the crash occurred. He said he careered off the slippery road and slammed into a tree at full speed. He then stepped out of the car, at which point he discovered it was in two pieces.

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