Happy First Wedding Anniversary, Thons and Neth Magayon!


It was just a normal day while I was lying on the sofa. Nothing too special to do, nothing too special to think about. 

Then my phone rang…

Where are you? Are you free tomorrow? A friend of mine on the other line said. I’m at home, I said. Anything special? 

Come with us tomorrow. Let’s swim, he said. Seriously? Alright then, I responded. Lemme know what time. Call me when you’re there, I added.

Then I checked my Facebook feeds…

Time really flies so fast indeed. I never thought it’s already a year now. I felt honored to be part of your wedding, so as to be part once again of your first year together.

Thons and Neth Magayon, I’d like to greet you a happy first wedding anniversary. Sorry, but I don’t have the gift of playing with words especially in more serious stuff. LoL. I wish for you to have wonderful years together, and to be more in love with each other forever.

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