Why did I decide not to teach in the deep south?


When I first arrived in Thailand six years ago I had an offer to work in one of the schools in the troubled south. My friends reaction when I told them about the offer was epic. Don’t you know there are a lot of senseless killings?,” one of them said. “You’re mental if you go there,” seconded by the other.

As a newbie in teaching let alone in a foreign land, I was eager to do anything. I came here to practice my degree as well as to earn a decent amount, so why would I turn down the offer? Come on! Then I started to hate them both. LoL. Kidding aside they’ve been here long enough to know the good and the ugly so I humbly let them prevailed.

Read the news below…

A female teacher was killed and set on fire on a road in Mayor district of Pattani on Friday morning while she was on the way to her school.

Siriporn Srichai, 42, was riding a motorcycle to work at Tabing Tingi community school in tambon Luboyirai of Mayor district when she was attacked by the killers around 9am.

She was shot and then her body set alight.

The police were hunting for the killers. 


Reading news about teachers being killed with no light being shed as to why the killing happened in the first place makes me think I made the right decision listening to my friends and just let the job offer be swept by the wind. This is not the first time I’ve seen news like this – and I doubt it to be last.

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