2014 Billionaires in both the Philippines and Thailand


Filipinos know that SM Prime Holdings Founder, Chairman and CEO Henry Sy as the Philippines’ richest man whose assets I personally consider somewhere in the “will never be achieved” zone. He’s at number 97 in Forbes magazine’s 2014 global billionaires’ list with a networth of $11.4 billion.

The other Filipino billionaires who made it into the 2014 Forbes are:

No. 227 Lucio Tan and family – $6.1 B
No. 319 Andrew Tan – $4.7 B
No. 354 Enrique Razon, Jr. – $4.2 B
No. 388 John Gokongwei, Jr. – $3.9 B
No. 483 David Consunji – $3.3 B
No. 764 George Ty and family – $2.3 B
No. 1046 Tony Tan Caktiong and family – $1.7 B
No. 1154 Robert Coyiuto, Jr. – $1.5 B
No. 1565 Andrew Gotianun – $1 B

But do you happen to know who are the billionaires in Thailand? I apologize but I’m a little lazy in posting a detailed entry for them. Is it fine if I let you do a little exercise? And by that, I meant you do the clicking. LoL. 

Haven’t you noticed? Both the Philippines and Thailand’s richest men landed on the 97th spot. Why do I get the feeling they are soul mates? 

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