Praying for Thailand


The ongoing political unrest in Thailand that started in November last year brought tremendous loss to the country’s economy. Some countries like the Philippines advised their citizens to refrain their travel plans in the Land of Smiles especially to areas occupied by protesters. 

Giant news like CNN and BBC have been covering the country’s instability, putting Thailand in international scene. And talking about losses, at least 19 people were killed and 717 people were wounded in almost 4 months of political violence between the protesters and those that support the Yingluck administration. This of course is according to Erawan centre of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Medical Department that put the accumulated toll as reported by Bangkok Post yesterday.

Considering Thailand as my second home, it breaks my heart to see them in this situation. The Thai people were with us when tyhoon Haiyan wrought havoc to the Philippines. Now’s the time for us to return the favor. Our prayers can go along way. 

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