An Open Letter To M3.1 Students of Chalermkwansatree School’s English Program


I was with you for only four months but I had an amazing four months ever. You labeled me as “funny” the first time you saw me. I must admit I enjoyed the first class with you that was why the word funny was so easily attached to me. 

You were quick to answer whenever I shoot surprised questions, polite, sweet, and most importantly, you held on tight and never gave up on me when I was about to give up on you. Remember the moment I kept silent because your voices enveloped the whole classroom? I started talking yet you never bothered to stop. I thought of walking out and leave your class for good. Trust me, you were sooo noisy I prefer slapping you one by one than be angry and spend the whole time scolding you. LoL.

Kidding aside, I realized it was part of you – part of everyone. I got that, you know? We all have stories to tell and we often forget that sometimes our volume can precisely damage other peoples’ eardrums. My mistake there was when I stopped you but with a voice that scared every inch of you, and the word “scary” was then added to the label. 

Students, I am so sorry. Your teacher got carried away. 

And then you changed. You were so quiet that the only sound I heard upon entering your room the next day was the air-condition. It was like you saw a ghost that hindered you in making any movements and sounds. But you know what, I enjoyed seeing you in that state. You were all cute. Hahaha.

So on February 26, my last day with you, my heart was heavy as I started packing my things. I was like, “these noisy but nice people will surely be missed.” I grew fond of you. You made me feel more of what it is to be a teacher. With that, I couldn’t be more thankful.

Finally, as we go our separate ways, I wish you luck and may you succeed in all your future endeavors. You can always count on me – the teacher you labeled as funny and scary. 

The Author: A full-time lecturer at Pibulsongkram Rajabaht University, Teacher John taught part-time English courses to different schools in Phitsanulok including this class at Chalermkwansatree School. He also taught English for Nurses for four consecutive years at Buddhachinaraj Hospital. In summer, Teacher John is going to teach English for Work at Naresuan University to the staff of Faculty of Engineering as a guest lecturer.

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