A Way To Thank Chalermkwansatree School For Their Help To Typhoon Victims In The Philippines


Updated: The accumulated amount is now 60,000 baht.

Saint Nicholas Church Foreign Community President (SNCFC) Lorenzo Caballes, posted on his Facebook wall a status asking its members and the people beyond to donate whatever they can for the victims of typhoon Hainan. As we all know, the typhoon flattened some cities in the Visayas region and claimed thousands of lives when it made its landfall on the 8th of November. 

Anyway, the head of the English Department Ajarn Orawan Tagong, took notice of his post and brought the matter to the director of the school yesterday. It didn’t take long before School Director Dr. Jittraporn Yaisin of Chalermkwansatree School decided to hold an assembly before the start of the class this morning. She asked the students to donate any amount. She then let the Filipino teachers to give a short message to the students the gravity of situation in Central Philippines, and how their donation can greatly help those who are in dire need at the moment.

Not long before lunch time, the amount was told over the school’s speaker. The teachers only expected to accumulate at least 10,000 baht. But what actually gathered was way beyond that. The school said they have 40,000 baht in their hands but many students are still dropping by to donate. 

Upon knowing the amount the school was able to accumulate and the tremendous concern of students and teachers, we can’t help but shed a tear.

One student told me, “Teacher, it’s just a small amount”. In which I simply replied, “No help is small if it comes from the heart.”

Thank you so much Chalermkwansatree School. May God bless you all…

Note: Chalermkwansatree School is one of the largest government high school in Phitsanulok, Thailand that produces one of the best students in the province as well. They currently employ 7 full time Filipino teachers teaching varied subjects.
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