List of Words People in the UK Love and Hate


Words are part of our existence. Without it, communication with one another won’t be like a walk in the park. But we have our own personal choice with regards to what words put a smile on our face, and the ones that boil our blood.

A recent study asked thousands of people which words they love to hear and use – and which ones they hate.

“Twerking” and “amazeballs” rank first and second respectively to the list of words people in the UK hate; while “circumnavigate” and “discombobulate” (what words are those?) top the list of the ones they love.

The word “anaesthetic” is also included on the list of the most hated words – probably because of its association to hospitals or anything medical.

‘Quite often we find ourselves using these words automatically in sentences every day without realizing we could be frustrating our friends, family or colleagues.
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