Expert calls for teachers to retool themselves


As teachers, we sometimes deliberately put the blame to our students when they fall short on quizzes and exams. The thing is, not only students should be blamed because we as teachers are considered to be their backbones, their wings and most importantly, their second parents when they leave their homes. 

We sometimes fail to see that we are also falling short of expertise, knowledge, and skills. Students inability to pass exams and communicate well in English are not entirely their fault. We have a big role to play in the game our students are playing.

Here are some good points to take note from the expert, Eric Verspecht, an English-language teaching specialist at the Singapore-based McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), during the 6th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development, or Educa 2013, in Bangkok which ended yesterday.

* Thai students are failing in their quest to learn English properly because the emphasis is placed on remembering grammatical rules rather than studying the language in a meaningful way” 

*Professional teachers must be principled, knowledgeable and skilful to put their knowledge into action.

*Teachers should get started [doing active research] with a small, achievable project, such as how to increase communication practice in class, and then move on to larger ones.

Teachers are vital to nurture educational change and school development. And that’s according to Mr. Verspecht too.

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