Thai Army declared war


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The Royal Thai Army is now officially at war with pad kaphrao, a spicy stir-fried basil dish popular in the Kingdom. Senior officers disliked the odor it emits and ordered to have it banned. Now, there’s a sign posted in the canteen at the Office of the Army Secretary in Bangkok banning the popular food.

News media and some TV channels are trying to get a good scoop for their programs. Well, what they’re after was actually posted early this year. To simply put, they are so late in knowing this information. 

Unfortunately for the army too, no matter what they do to somehow alleviate the food’s odor like for instance fixing ventilation hoods in the food stalls, the smell still stinks. It didn’t help. Therefore, Army Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha advised everyone whilst holding his nose, “If you want pad kaphrao you can go have it somewhere else.

No guns or other weapons will be used. Only spoons, forks and plates. The war will be in the kitchen and I’m sure, they’re not gonna back away.
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