Teacher agency curse in Thailand has struck again


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Prior to my coming in Thailand a few years ago a friend of mine warned me of some teacher agencies that promise nothing but good words. They lure aspiring teachers with their friendly words and approachable personality. “They don’t care if the schools on their list is a nightmare. After all, their topmost priority is to supply the schools with teachers for them to get their commission. Simply put, we are like the baits for schools. Once everything is settled, they’re gonna leave you to rot in hell”, he said. 

But because I wanted to have a job days after I arrived, I still sneaked and applied to some agencies without my friend’s approval. But because I was young, zero experience in teaching, and not a native speaker, things didn’t go as planned. 

I consider their refusal as a blessing. Now, I am happy with my current university. Other than that, the horrible experiences some teachers experienced from teacher agencies didn’t happen to me. 

Sadly, some teachers were unlucky. Click the image above to read the unfortunate story of a teacher lured by an agency. His story will serve as a warning for teachers to be aware of some agencies. 
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