Students demand for alcohol sales ban


European countries top the list by alcohol consumption (liters of ethyl alcohol per year) according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But do you know which ASEAN country sits on top?

My colleague from Sri Lanka told me that Thailand’s alcohol consumption was way ahead compared to its ASEAN neighbors. I told him to get his facts right because in the Philippines there were people as young as 13 who were already into alcohol. In fact I personally knew some of them. “Young drinkers in the Philippines are everywhere – and they’re many”, I added.

And this morning, I’ve read from the Bangkok Post that students from the Youth Network Against New Drinkers are calling to ban alcohol sales from stores near academic institutions. The article got my fingers to search what my colleague told me two years ago. Man, he was right! Laos came in second while the Philippines was ranked third.

Anyway, the Youth Network Against New Drinkers is demanding Education Minister Chaturon Chaisaeng to make universities alcohol-free, and to ban stores within 300 meters of an academic institution to sell alcohol. The network claims that alcohol causes problems such as accidents and crimes. 

Last semester one of my students had an accident on his way to his apartment. Apparently, his friends who were drinking near the university invited him. They emptied six bottles of whisky and were too drunk to drive home. My student insisted of going home, hence the accident. He was hospitalized for a few days but good thing he suffered no serious injury.

I think the network’s claim is correct. Banning the sales near schools can save someone from  having an accident, and can even save the lives of other motorists. 
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