Semestral Break is just around the corner


The immigration office this afternoon in Phitsanulok was jam-packed! Never did I experience seeing people in the office that many. I often see a maximum of seven or eight people including myself whenever I apply for a visa extension. Today’s a lot different though. 

Does Phitsanulok house more foreigners this time? Most probably. I’ve been seeing quite a few of them (us) anywhere now. And besides, even small schools are now eager to accept foreigners as they prep for the ASEAN integration. 

Anyway, I’ve seen some familiar faces at the immigration. We exchanged some hellos and shared some information as to how things are doing. It’s nice to catch up with some of them, you know?

As September draw to a close with the final exam starting next week, I can’t help but let out a smile. At last, I’ll be able to take a rest with no worries of waking up early. It really is time for a break. 
What are your plans? Enjoy the break while it lasts!
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