No need to present printed ticket when leaving the country


There was a time sometime ago when losing your paper ticket meant a “disaster”. If you happen to lose your paper ticket which by the way was a thing of the past, you have to go back to the agency where you made the purchase to get a copy, of course with a certain fee. If that happens days before your trip and you’re somewhere with no means of contact to the issuing agency (mobile phones weren’t that trending then), you’re dead. So, when electronic ticket was first introduced a few years back, people rejoiced in more ways than one. 

But things are getting a lot more easier this time. The Bureau of Immigration has lifted its rule that passengers should present their printed e-ticket before leaving the country, announced yesterday by the Department of Justice.

Now, we can simply leave the country by showing a copy of our ticket from smart phones, tablets and the like. Thanks to the advent of new technology. 

Instead of creating laws and bills that benefit no one but those in the position, the government should focus more in returning the benefits to the people who put them in power in the first place. Give and take won’t hurt no one.

HOPE for the Philippines! 

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