Happy 7th Travelport Batch 31


PeopleSupport Office in Makati

September 11th marks the 7th year of my friends at Aegis People Support (Makati). Two of the ones who stayed in the mentioned contact center are now both quality assurance officers – going to the ranks of supervisors – or even account managers soon. Had I not resigned six years ago I’d probably be occupying one of the top positions of the company too. Lol. 

On a serious note, I miss them. I miss the PS Travelport Batch 31 especially during nesting when we took calls for the first time. It was so chaotic yet challenging at the same time. We used to leave the company early in the morning once the shift ends around 6 or 7 am just to be drunk.
Travelport Batch 31 (Where am I?)

Seven years passed but we still have communication (unfortunately not all are always online). Everyone has its own life now. One is now the lead vocals of the band Tanya Markova. Then there are those who got married and have kids of their own in Japan and in the US. I am thinking, those that I don’t have any contacts anymore – are they owners of their respective companies? 


May we be more successful in our future endeavors and to see each other again soon.  God bless Travelport batch 31. Carpe Diem!

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