New rules for extensions of stay with expiring passport


Our contracts, given that we are lucky to have them renewed, are done annually. This means annual visit to the immigration for visa extension and paying the 1,900 baht fee as well. But since Thai laws are constantly changing, things you did last year might not be applicable this year.

I’m not talking about the amount we normally pay or the documents needed for processing. They might still be the same. What I’m specifically referring to is the new regulation the Thai Immigration recently announced which says…


According to the New Regulation from August 13, 2013,
when submitting application for Visa Extension if the validity of passport of the applicant is not longer than one year left before expiry,
the extension of stay will be permitted not exceeding the expired date of passport.
After the renewal of your passport of obtaining a new passport,
you have to re-apply for Visa Extension by submitting required document and paying extension fee ( 1,900 Baht ).
In case of overstay, the fine is 500 Baht per day.
taken from the Thai immigration website

When I renewed my passport two years ago I went back to the immigration office and the extension stamped was transferred to the new one with no fees. A simple smile and a thank you would suffice. Lol. Seriously, that’s the way it was back then.

Anyway, people at the days when the new regulation came out were so confused. I told you, because of so many changes in their regulation, people don’t know what to follow anymore. They’re not even centralized. The advice you get in Bangkok may not be the same say, immigration in Chiang Mai or here in Phitsanulok.

Here’s a screenshot I got at the a few days after the new regulation came out.
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As you can see, Lite Beer still thinks that what happened to me two years ago is still in effect. Transferring all to the new passport and you’re good to go. But gosompoi left a comment a little while later and said…

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To sum everything up, if a person’s contract is renewed in April and his passport’s expiration is in January, he has to renew his passport before its expiration and pay all the fees. After that he has to get the necessary documents from the school to have his extension renewed only until April, with fees. The nightmare doesn’t end there, because come the time of April, he then has to get the same documents to have his extension renewed for another year. Bummer? Hell yeah! But that’s the way it is now.

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