Kasetsart University’s horse like blinkers for students taking exams


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When I saw the photo on the left posted by a friend on facebook yesterday I was like, “Seriously?“. I thought at first it was a joke.

The photo which was originally posted on Kasetsart University’s Facebook Page, quickly went viral and drew heated responses.

Here are some of the not so good comments:

* Some students might find the hats distracting, causing them to perform poorly on the tests. 

* Students sometimes had to wear the hats against their will. 

As a lecturer for more than five years in a university, cheating is like a way of life to most of my students. I even coined some of them as “notorious cheaters” because they cheated right before my eyes, passing a small piece of paper from one person to the other as if I wasn’t there.

Remember the raft of cheating claims just this year to the police and the teacher’s exam? I realized it’s better to have the horse-like blinkers compared to not doing anything at all to curb cheating.

Everyone has different views on this. But what’s my personal take? “A salute to the teacher!”.
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