You make me sick!

The news about Asiana Airlines slamming hard at San Francisco runaway on Saturday, resulting to the death of two teenage Chinese girls and injuring dozens others, scared me so much. It only goes to say that life can be taken instantly – one day you’re alive, the other you’re gone.

During this time however when wounds are fresh and the emotions are heighten  pointing fingers as to who responsible people were won’t do good. More so, saying bad things about them. 

Are we suppose to comfort them first and do the probing later so as to find out if there are people responsible for the crash? I think it’s more proper a move than bashing out certain individuals without yet hearing the two sides of the story, right?

I just can’t fathom the comments of some people on a post I read on facebook. We might raise an eyebrow to some as an initial reaction, you know, some sort of questioning. Yet, there were some who were simply downright derogatory, as if they knew exactly what transpired during the accident and who is to be blamed to put it simply. 
What’s with these “all-knowing people?” Why are they so quick to judge? Are you one of them? I hope not!
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