The girl from the impromptu speech


she’s the one in the middle

I was asked by my boss three Thursdays ago if being a judge of an impromptu speech on the 30th of June last month sounds appealing to me. I simply smiled and she immediately phoned the head of the organizing committee from another faculty. Seconds later “You’re in” came out of her mouth. 

I didn’t ask who the participants were but judging from the venue (our university), students would surely be from different faculties of Rajabaht. Or so I thought.

Then, along came Sunday.

It started around half past one and I was escorted to sit in the middle of two ajarns, both from faculty of education. A little while later a guy came and took the seat next to the teacher on my left. I later learned that he too was a judge.

Anyway, while being oriented as to how the points will be calculated Dr. Aree told me that the participants were from two different levels – primary and secondary. I was taken a back when behind me were tiny students in their school uniforms giggling. I thought they were cute and even saw a former student who was 7 years old at the time he studied with me. Now, he’s between 10 or 11. Just so you know, he was the kid I was referring to who used his pencil in stabbing my hand. You can read the post HERE. Lol. 

To cut the long story short the speech competition was good. The highlight for me was this little girl from Teeratada School who spoke in almost perfect English with an American twang. I was baffled with the way she delivered her piece, backed with her clear pronunciation and good gestures. She emerged a winner, of course.

I later learned though that she studied in the US prior to her coming back to Thailand. No wonder she impressed me as well as the other judges. Her wit and clear idea, topped again with her native-like English put her way above the others. 

The thought of having a conversation with her didn’t happen because she was nowhere to be found the moment I decided to speak with her. I was thinking of bombarding her with crazy questions. But she left just as fast as she arrived. Lol.

Good luck anyway, kid. You have a long way ahead of you!

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