Pinay Rules!


After getting three yeses from the judges to advance to the next round, Lovely, the Filipina who joined Thailand’s Got Talent recently, is becoming popular especially to my students. They said watching her sing and belting out high notes was a beauty. They even added that most of the Filipinos they meet can actually sing good. Perhaps Pinoy’s love for singing is not merely a hobby, but more of a passion 🙂

Anyway, another Pinay teacher in New York was among the 11 teachers who were given the first-ever “Big Apple Awards”. Miss “G” as what her students address her was lauded for her ability to simplify complex mathematical concepts to her students.

Here’s Miss G’s principal take on her…

“[She] is able to deconstruct the most complex mathematical concepts and make them palpable to even the most resistant students.”

And here’s her take…

“My father taught me things when I was a young child, math especially, in an interesting way. I looked up to him.” 

The 11 awardees were honored at Gracie Mansion and each received $3,500 with a Big Apple trophy. 

Although I hate math when I was in school, it seems Miss G’s teaching styles can help me in overcoming my fear of numbers.

Congratulations to you both. Mabuhay!

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