Just my two cents – Kalayaan 2013


Did I enjoy the P’lok Pinoyz celebration of the Philippine Independence on Saturday, the 8th of June at Anuban Phitsanulok School? I sure did. It rained and the sky was so dark, but that didn’t stop us in making the night a one fun night as talented members of the organization shone like stars. No joke here but I was surprised because the not so loud people and seem very quiet  every time I see them blew the roof off with their singing prowess and great dance moves. Also, the new faces of the organization left an impression that their awesomeness will once again be showcased come the time of 2014 celebration. Kudos to all performers, I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed because of you!

As for the food, it was nice seeing the members shared everything that each and everyone prepared. The aroma of the foods still lingers in my mind. Lot’s of food there, man. Lot’s of food.

Big thanks to the new set of officers of P’lok Pinoyz as well. Don’t you know you just did a good job?

See you all again next year.

Photo Credit: Ms. Leah Doysabas

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