Phitsanulok: The city of recycling

While driving on the way to school a couple of years back, I saw a sign saying Phitsanulok is the capital city of “recycling” in Thailand. I was a bit skeptic so I asked a few of my colleagues at the university including my students to verify the authenticity of the sign. I received the same answer that Phitsanulok is indeed the city capital of recycling. They even told me that most of the materials used to decorate the city were recycled things either voluntarily given by the people or collected things from junk shops across the province.

There was this big Christmas tree standing majestically in the roundabout near the train station. I observed once the people decorating the tree and saw plastic bottles and other used things being painted. Others were being redesigned for new creation or whatnot. I was also invited in the outskirts of Phitsanulok near Pichit and saw people reusing and recycling things without putting them to waste in the literal meaning itself, thus made me kiss my skepticism away.

And because the province of Phitsanulok is known and acknowledged by every province in the entire Kingdom with regards to recycling, I wasn’t surprised when the government of Japan made a 1.88 million baht grant in building a waste management centre to help promote recycling especially in tambon Samokhae in Muang district of Phitsanulok province. Yes, more than a million grant for the province. How’s that? Because of economic development and the tourist attractions being within the tambon, there is always a rapid increase of waste. Therefore the planned waste management centre will also be a learning facility for local people. How cool is that?
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