My brief thoughts exactly – Fiestang Palarong Pinoy


P’lok Pinoyz
The two day Fiestang Palarong Pinoy that kicked off on Saturday February 24, 2013 and concluded the next day brought the members of P’lok Pinoyz closer to each other once again. We seldom see or talk to each other but the sports event we just had strengthened our ties as Filipinos, created new acquaintanceships which will later move to a much higher level we call friendships, and certainly made our organization a citadel of hope for its members.

Of course this event won’t be made possible without the hands and brains of the new set of officers headed by the “all around” president Mr. Ryan Rosales. I saw him as the last person to leave the gym carrying with one hand a big speaker I guess, while the other hand was trying to balance his weight and the thing he was carrying on his motorbike (Astig ka, boy!).

P’lok Pinoyz President meets Phitsanulok Congressman
It was a success, so to speak. New members as far as Nan, Phrae, Phayao, and from the neighbouring provinces of Pichit (where the most people come from), Petchabun and Sukothai arrived in time and celebrated the occasion with a blast. 

Lastly, we bonded to one of Phitsanulok’s lawmakers, Dr. Warong, who promised us that help will arrive come the time it is needed. If we have anything we need and it is within his power to give, clap your hands with gladness because our wish is his command. 

Kudos to the officers!!! Kudos P’lok Pinoyz!!!
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