Search engine giant Google is now in the Philippines


Remember the video of Googleplex, the massive corporate headquarters of the search engine giant Google Inc.? It was posted on facebook several times in the past and up until now, I still watch it to help me relax. If you haven’t watch it yet, then watch it now below. 

I was taken aback how employees are really taken care of with unlimited foods and snacks supply, free use of wheels, in-house doctor for free, gym, relax with more like a college atmosphere, and the list goes on and on. I never heard of a company that pampers its employee the way Google does. It was crazy to the “nth” power.

This type of company makes me wanna update my resume. And since Google has set up a local office in the Philippines (Oh yeah, we have it there now), I’m pretty sure that thousands of our able and creative minds are going to flock to the office once it is open for business. Officials reveal that Google’s office in the Land of the Orient is located in Makati City and will soon be hiring. 

It is time. Let’s update our resume now, shall we?
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