Abusive professor, a professor no more


A video of a professor abusing his students verbally and physically which was originally uploaded on facebook a few days back has gone viral. The school received complains about the abusive teacher, making them to take matters into their own hands. Thus, removing him from his post.

Narciso Varona, a teacher at Montessori Professional College International in Pasay City, was seen berating and even hitting his students. 

The student who took the video was interviewed by ABS-CBN saying that Mr. Varona reached his boiling point when he saw his students taking an exam in another subject during the time of his supposed teaching schedule. But the student added that he earlier announced they won’t meet him on that day.

“This is the first time that we received a complaint about an abusive behaviour of a teacher in a TESDA course,” Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Public Information Director Marta Hernandez said. This circumstance prompted them to evaluate everything that conforms on government standards like the curriculum, and of course the rules on qualification of teachers.

In my understanding, “Personality” is what makes a person different from others or simply put, unique. It is recognizable soon after birth. We can either be bad, good, or perhaps in between if that’s what you like. As for the professor, he might be a really irate person and that’s his personality. “Development” on the other hand according to my dictionary is “a specified state of growth or advancement.” But what I can’t grasp, especially my frontal lobes, is the fact that he taught them “Personality Development”. To top it off, he’s a teacher. He should help students to develop their personality positively and set aside his weaknessesSad to say, I didn’t see it in him.

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