Elementary school massacre


Twenty children and six adults were reported dead along with the gunman himself in the latest school shooting just two weeks before Christmas. The gunman whose mother taught at the school where the massacre happened opened fire Friday in the kindergarten classroom.

Newtown police Lt. George Sinko told reporters that the latest shooting is most definitely the worst thing that they have experienced in town.

I can’t imagine the reaction of the families whose kids were victims of the massacre. To top it off, it happened in elementary school in what should be a place of safety and learning. This is the second deadliest shooting after the 2007 Virginia Tech that killed 33 people. As a teacher, it scares me to think that even in a place where you think is the safest is no longer that safe. Tragic things such as this happen and chooses no place.

The people of Connecticut especially the families of the victims of the latest school shooting are at the moment experiencing profound sadness. This is simply beyond tragic. My heart goes out to the people of Connecticut.

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