Thai man died playing video game


Couple of months back I’ve read articles about a Chinese man in Beijing and a Taiwanese teen who both died playing computer games with no food and sleep for at least a day. I was like, “SERIOUSLY?” But at the back of my mind, when I was addicted to online games myself before, I realized I could be like them. During that time, I ignored sleepiness because I was too engrossed with the pleasure the game was giving me. 

Anyway, I guess there’s no stopping of people who’ll die on their chair any time soon. If, of course, they constantly skip their meal and continue to ignore that their bodies need a rest. 

Take for instance the case of this Thai man who, after a string of marathon all-night sessions playing games, died in front of his computer. The 24 year-old man was found in his room in Samut Songkhram (a province near Bangkok) slumped in his chair.

Reports said he was addicted to games and rarely go to sleep. He spent most of his time playing from night until the morning.
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