Up close and personal with Congressman Warong of Phitsanulok


I met for the first time one of the five MP’s or Members of Parliament for Phitsanulok last week (equivalent to a congressman in the Philippines). He was a doctor at Buddhachinnarat hospital before becoming an MP. He’s been serving the people of Phitsanulok for eight years under the Democrat Party headed by former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.
Me and Dr. Warong at his house

It was barely three hours when we finished our second meeting tonight. After talking about the current situation in Thailand and asking him specific questions related to his job, he went straight to meet the people somewhere near Naresuan University. I took notice of his schedule and I’ll say he is indeed a very busy man.

Ladies and gentlemen… Dr. Warong Dejjkijwikrom.

Here are the questions I asked him during our face to face interview.

Me: Who is Dr. Warong as a husband to his wife and a father to his children?

Dr. Warong: I’m a loving husband and good friend to my wife. With regards to my children I support them all the way. I’m not strict to them.

Me: Why did you send your daughters to study abroad and not here in Thailand?

Dr. Warong: I want them to be independent and learn from their own mistakes without us always behind them.

Me: Was becoming a doctor your personal choice or did someone influence you?

Dr. Warong: When I was in university, I was an active leader of the student council. I really want to become an MP and becoming a doctor was my parents choice for me.

Me: You were a well-known doctor in one of the public hospitals in Phitsanulok, can you give us reasons as to why you entered politics?

Dr. Warong: As I have said, I was an active leader when I was in university and becoming an MP was part of my dream. And of course I want to serve the people.

Me:  How long have you been serving the people of Phitsanulok as an MP and what was the toughest decision you ever made?

Dr. Warong: I’ve been serving the people of Phitsanulok for almost eight years and involving myself in politics especially every campaign period is perhaps the toughest decision ever.

Me: Holding high position in the government such as yourself being an MP, can you tell us on how you connect to people?

Dr. Warong: Since the nature of my work is to report in the parliament in Bangkok, I always make sure to meet and speak with the people of Phitsanulok when I’m here and to help them to the best of my ability. I always attend events and rarely turn down an invitation.

Disclaimer: Due to the sensitivity of some of the questions and the nature of the present Thai politics, the author selected questions that he deemed suitable to young readers and his students in general. Questions are posted verbatim while answers are paraphrased. Recording the interview was out of the picture too. It was after all a first time experience of the author.

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