The Pitong Pinoy 2.0 search is on!


Spending someone’s life servicing others and sometimes going beyond an extra mile without expecting anything in return is something we shouldn’t ignore. Unsung heroes as what other people termed it should be given credits. 

Yahoo! Philippines wants you to nominate them for this year’s edition of Pitong Pinoy Awards.

Pitong Pinoy is an annual search for Filipinos who have touched lives, inspired many, made an impact in society, spread great hope, and stayed undaunted by life’s challenges.

If you know someone who has made a huge difference in his or her own little way, it’s time to recognize the effort.  Tell Yahoo! why that Pinoy deserves to be part of the Pitong Pinoy and they’ll help spread the good news.  

Watch the video to learn more…

For information on how to send your nomination, click HERE.

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