Coke returns to Myanmar after six decades


The world has been enjoying Coca-Cola, an American fizzy drink for more than a century. However, there are countries who still not into it. Whether because it is associated with the Americans which they don’t like, or they simply don’t have production facilities to sell the product. Whatever the reason behind the thought of not having it, it’s their choice.

Fortunately, Myanmar which was isolated from the rest of the South East Asian nations with no “Coke” for more than 60 years will finally be able to have a taste of itleaving Cuba and North Korea as the only countries who haven’t embraced Coke, the world-renowned Olympic sponsor since 1928.

Coke said they would initially ship their product from neighbouring countries to Myanmar but would soon find local partners as part of their general practice.

Now that is one good news! Is Myanmar opening up and is readying itself for 2015 ASEAN Community?

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