Freshman Killed by Fraternity


A freshmen student at San Beda College in Manila was allegedly killed by members of unidentified brotherhood that exists in the school’s premises. It was reported that Marvin Reglos, 25, suffered from injuries in an alleged hazing incident. He was declared dead on arrival on Sunday and was identified by his relatives on Tuesday, ABS CBN said.

Father of the slain law student(

The victim sustained severe bruises on several parts of his body and probably got those during his initiation rites. Meanwhile at the hospital, the night the victim was rushed, two suspects were arrested. The authorities filed murder and hazing charges against Erick Castillo and Bodjie Yap, alleged members of the fraternity, supposedly to check Reglo’s predicament.

This is another blow to all brotherhoods and sororities that don’t employ violence, intentional force, or reckless imprudence as part of its rites and practices. Sorry but we cannot deny the fact that this dreadful act done by few is an act done by all – at least to peoples’ perspectives. And to those who employ this unlawful act of violence, when will you stop? How many more would you like to suffer?

May the victim and his family attain justice the soonest time possible! RIP…

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