Christmas Miracle – Mother and Baby Return from Death


A woman who was pregnant was taken to the hospital on Christmas eve in South Colorado by her husband, thinking of a routine delivery when her water broke. But she suffered from a cardiac arrest and her doctor pronounced her dead as she was no heartbeat and was never breathing either. They tried to resuscitate her for several minutes but to no avail. And because she was pregnant, doctors performed an emergency C-section to save the baby. However, he too was not even breathing when he was delivered. 

But just as they thought that both were dead and Christmas won’t be Christmas without them, a miracle just happened. Even with all the modernity of this time and age, medicine can’t explain everything. Inexplicably, the mother’s pulse came back. The father was holding his lifeless son and then – his breathing came back too. For doctors, what happened was a complete mystery. But for the family, it was but an absolute miracle. 

Watch the video by clicking the link below.


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