Are WE Ready for The K+12 Program?


One of the two remaining countries that still implement the 10-year basic education system aside from Myanmar is our very own Philippines. This, according to many, results in questioning the skills and competencies of our professionals who work abroad like engineers, nurses, etc. 

Because of this, in 2012, Philippine school curriculum will have six years of elementary education, four years of junior high school, and two years of senior high school. This system may be foreign to most teachers back home especially those who just heard of it recently. Just like the others, i didn’t have any slightest idea that this thing exist not until i set foot in Thailand four years ago and started teaching.

Here’s from Yahoo News: The K+12 program is a revision of the 10-year basic education system implemented in the country that consists of six years of elementary education and four years of high school. The new program was designed to meet the fast-changing demands of society by providing students with adequate skill needed for college education and employment.

Here is my say: For our unfortunate brothers and sisters this is a big blow. They dreamed that their children will be out of school sooner and work is on the way, only to find out that it will take a bit longer than expected. But if others are doing it, why not us? If this is the trend, why not follow? The work may took longer but the fruit of their labor topped with great skills and competencies will surely bear a much better one in the future. 

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