Gwendoline Ruais is Miss World first runner-up


Considered as one of the most beautiful faces in Asia and in the world, the Philippines has won quite a few crowns in an international beauty pageant (source: unknown lol). And on Sunday, November 6, 2011 our very own Gwendoline Ruais was named first-runner up in the recently concluded Miss World beauty pageant at Earls Court in London.

Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos was crowned Miss World 2011 winner. Miss Puerto Rico Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez came third.

Ruais was happy to have the support of her fellow Filipinos who flocked to Earl Court to watch the pageant. She said she was offering her crown to her parents and Filipino kababayan.

In an interview with Ruais after the coronation, she said her nervousness was gone and she only wanted a good night’s sleep.

The beauty queen said she had only wanted to give honor to the Philippines. After placing first runner-up, Ruais expressed hope that Filipinos would be proud and happy for her achievement in this competition.

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