Dog Brings his Dying Owner Back to Life

People say that dogs are man’s bestfriend that will do everything in their power to serve their masters. I couldn’t agree more. The video below is of a dog named “Buddy” who saved her owner “Ted” in his near death experience. 

They were driving in a storm one night on their way home when their truck got stuck. They walked for miles on foot in brutal storm with swirling snow and strong wind. Just when they were about to reach home two blocks away, Ted ended out in a snow. Buddy went hunting for help. Her barking was heard by a man outside his house. He followed Buddy and found a man lying unconscious whom he thought was dead. 

Ted was rescued and was soon brought to the hospital. People came and tried to wake him up but it didn’t work. Buddy then entered the picture who was whimpering when she saw him. People said that Buddy opened her master’s eyes. Ted recovered swiftly and in less than a week after he was admitted, he was discharged from the hospital. 

What an amazing story…We never know what Gods plan is and apparently it was in this case that one day this dog would fullfill his plan for this owner.. This was a comment left by  Delores Diamond on the video posted at God Divine site. She was right. God moves in ways so mystertious that we can’t understand at most times. But we just have to keep the faith and live according to his will. So difficult i know, but so worth to try. 

GOD BLESS everyone!

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