Warning: Acid Attack in Bangkok


Most of us are familiar about acid spray in movies. It makes the plot more interesting and sets a heart-stopping scene. Unfortunately, this does not happen to movies alone. It happens to people who have grudges over the other in real life setting. But what if it happens randomly? What if it happens to anyone who does not have any grudges or anything like that? What if it happens to foreigners here in Thailand?

Elizabeth Briel in her twitter account

Scary, right? But yeah, it happened in Bangkok to two westerners at the Asoke skytrain station on September 15. Elizabeth Briel (photo inset) said her husband’s eyes were damaged but will be fine. She said the acid was directed at them from the stairway leading to the station near Robinson shopping mall.They were already treated in a hospital. 

Here is an excerpt of what she wrote on her website:  

The person who tossed that liquid at us aimed straight at Roy’s eyes: that is where most of the chemicals landed. Whomever-it-was didn’t see us as people, but as the incarnation of something s/he resented. Who knows what sparked it – maybe Roy reminded this person of another foreigner who took away a girlfriend, or is sleeping with a girlfriend, or the chemicals could have been a prelude to a quick mugging, in which case we were nothing more than a walking wallet. (A sentiment familiar to many male tourists here.) 

Read her full story by clicking the link below. 

Elizabeth Briel 

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