New Life Aboard a PAL Flight


If you’re pregnant where would you like to give birth? Would you like to be in the comfort of your home or be in the hospital where nurses and doctors are available 24/7? What about giving birth aboard a flight? Yes, a woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy with the help of cabin crews aboard a PAL flight on Tuesday (Manila Time). 

The baby boy filled the cabin with his cries while passengers cheered. According to PAL, giving birth aboard a flight is a rarity but they were trained in this type of instances. Passengers especially those who are pregnant shouldn’t worry.

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In her flight incident report, flight purser Antonia CastaƱeda described the baby as having “good skin color” and that the “baby started to breast feed” and gave a “loud cry” upon getting out of his mother’s womb (SOURCE).

Since the mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy aboard a San Francisco-bound Philippine Airlines flight, one person commented “I wonder which nationality will the child carry since the birth happened en route to its destination?”

That left me thinking. Yeah, which nationality really? 

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