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Honest Taxi Driver Returns My Camera | Khon Philippine


We boarded a 5 pm Nok Air flight from Phitsanulok to Bangkok today. Upon arrival at Don Muang Airport, we headed straight to their taxi stand outside the waiting area to go to PratuNam. The trip from the airport to PratuNam took longer than expected. Thanks to Bangkok’s heavy traffic that literally ate our time. 

Since we have quite a few luggage and presents packed in plastics, I didn’t realize that I put down my camera whilst getting them out of the taxi. In my understanding, that was the first time I took it off my neck while traveling. As it was supper time, we decided to enter the New Mabuhay Restaurant to eased our hunger while enjoying the chit chats of people coming and going – thinking everything was well.

Upon realizing that the camera was nowhere to be found when Joy asked me to take a photo of her, the food served on the table seemed tasteless, the appetite was lost, and the sweat started to come out even inside an air-conditioned room. My instinct instructed me to call the number written on the receipt given by the taxi system at the airport. After about three rings, the person on the other line picked up the phone. He spoke good English which made both parties understood each other easily. He said he will call me back and that he needs to verify with the driver of the taxi first if there is a cam. After about five minutes, he called back and confirmed that the driver got hold of the cam, and is on his way to meet me. Thank GOD! My breathing was back to normal.

Two or three hours ago at the time of this writing, the taxi driver returned my camera to me. It was one of my happiest moment in Bangkok. Thanks to Mr. Somchai! You deserved to be acknowledged. I wish you more blessings and happiness in the coming years. You set a very good example that not all drivers are scammers. 

PS: This is the third time that something lost or forgotten was returned to me here in Thailand. Thank you very much!

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