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82-Year-Old-Pinay Looking For Her Former High School Teacher


I find it weird upon reading the news of an 82-year-old Pinay who is looking for her former high school teacher just to say thanks. The Department of Education (DepEd) posted on their website that Teresa Alvina, an executive of a publishing company is looking for Carmen Geronimo Pascual, her former high school Home Economics teacher.

I wonder as to when did she start her search. And if she just started searching, why just now? Why didn’t she thank her when she was still studying or even before her teacher’s retirement in 1980? I know she has her own reasons behind but reality check, if she is 82 at the moment, her teacher may be over a hundred. In today’s age, being a century alive is way too difficult.

But still, be it late or not, her effort of finding her teacher is commendable. There are some who graduated, became successful, yet forget those people who somehow changed the course of their fate.

I wish you luck in finding her Madame and may you find peace right after.

Full story here: GMA-NEWS 

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