Pinoy Privilege


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We are working miles away from our family to help them in any way we can. Most are in great pain of leaving them behind for the first time. As an OFW who go back home once every year (glad if i can make twice), the feeling is unexplainable once you meet them again. 

Fortunately, Thailand doesn’t require Filipino travelers to obtain a visa before leaving the country and vice versa. Filipinos are permitted to stay for a period of not exceeding 30 days on each visit. Thai nationals who wish to visit the Philippines on the other hand, visa requirement is waived for a brief stay (21 days). However, if they wish to extend their stay in the archipelago they are advised to procure a visa before they travel.

With these rules, one can secure a plane ticket for our family members with no worries about visa stuff. They can, at any given time, visit and witness the magnificent architectural designs of the kingdom’s temple and the friendly and smiley nature of Thai people.

For the list of requirements on how to get our family here in Thailand

Visit Philippine Embassy in Bangkok

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