A Pleasant Surprise


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We feel frustrated when things we were expecting suddenly turned ugly. We feel great on things we thought bad but turned wonderful instead. Simply put, “things are not always what they seem”.

This is the story of our friend Brian who were asked by his school administrators to do some extra teaching loads outside the contract, and mind you, it’s free! A large chunk of his being doesn’t like the idea his school is asking him to do. Why on earth would he do that if he can get extra tutorials at home and get something in return? Admit it, all of us are working to earn something and would like to earn more by doing extras to send a portion of our salary back home. This, however, is unacceptable.

But life is a roller coaster with lots of twists. The bad news he received turned out good when he saw the faces of children lit up. Much to his delight is the new bond between him and the students. 

Read his post and be all smiles.

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