Malls and shops will let you shop without single-use plastic bags, at least today

It’s almost 10 am at the time of writing so malls are basically still closed for business. However, Tesco Lotus Express, a small convenience store similar to 7-11, is already open at 7am.

Earlier this morning I went to Tesco Lotus Express for some milk, fruits, and other stuff for my kitchen. After handing out my payment, the cashier gave me back my change and serviced the other customer behind me. I was like, “Hey, what about these? Aren’t you going to put them in plastic?” 

 Confused, I looked around and noticed that she didn’t have plastic ready for packing. I thought that perhaps the government is doing something to curb the excessive use of plastic that pollutes the earth and slowly destroys it the process, at least according the news that I read a few days ago. 
When I arrived home, a quick search online shows that I was right. Today, 4 December, is Thai Environment Day. Shopping malls and shops including convenience stores will let you shop without single-use plastic bags, at least today.
I also learned that the Thai Environment Day started in 1991. But this time there is a strong push to not use single-use plastic bags anymore. Not only shops even hospitals are also asked to distribute medicines in cloth bags.
According to a survey as reported by The Nation, “Thais on average produce 1.14 kilograms of trash per day, totaling 74,000 tonnes across the nation.”
Thailand ranks 6th in the world while the Philippines is in 3rd place as countries that pollute the earth’s oceans.
Personally, I like this idea. I wish it will be implemented all over the world. Although it’s true that plastic really makes our lives easier, the long-term damage it carries is scary. It is polluting our oceans and killing our sea creatures. Plastic is killing us! 
I say, “No to plastic!”
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