Immigration in Manila denies elderly couple’s boarding, asks them to come back the next day

“Another case of “offloading happened earlier today.” Sounds common? Not quite.

Facebook user Pauline Francisco narrated how her parents were denied by immigration officials at NAIA Terminal 3 for their flight bound to Bangkok. Pauline said her parents have enough money for five days but it didn’t help because the officer simply didn’t want them to go. Her post was shared by JhEy-Em Nicolas Rivera in Pinoy Tayo Thailand Facebook group.

They say every “Juan” has the right to travel. That’s true, but this right is not absolute. Anybody can be denied by immigration officials if national security, public safety, etc. will be put in jeopardy. They are doing their job to protect the citizens – the Filipino citizens. 
Seriously, I get it if immigration won’t allow travelers to board their flights because of lack of documents, inconsistent answers to their questions, etc. Fact of the matter is, there are several situations where Filipinos were tricked into drug and human trafficking, and that explains why they can be very strict.
However, not all immigration officials seem to be for the people. The official who handled this situation stamped the couple’s passport at the same time of their schedule flight and asked them to come the next day. WHAT? Why deny them if you will allow them to fly the next day? Apart from the inconvenience, the couple also lost the value of their ticket and the first day of their supposed accommodation in Bangkok! That means, they have to purchase a new ticket and their vacation was shortened from 5 to 4 days. 
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I call this power tripping and will say otherwise if the BoI give the couple a valid reason for the denial. 
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